Hand Shower Cradle Bracket

Hand Shower Cradle Bracket

Hand Shower Cradle Bracket

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This model hand shower kit is identified by having the hand piece resting inside an adjustable bracket. The 3867-CON model has a conical end fitting for the hand shower end and a hexagon nut for the wall outlet end.

The wall bracket that attaches to the water outlet is a solid design that can be adjusted to accommodate a preferred showering angle. The hand piece can be removed at any time if desired. A recent addition to this model is an inbuilt water non return valve. This will save the installer from adding the unsightly addition of an extra valve externally to the shower unit.

It has a wider base plate of 70mm to cover up any possibility of previous installation imperfections. It also has a longer internal threaded component of 6 threads, which allows for a more secure fitting and dramatically reduces the prospect of behind the scenes water leakage, as some models often demonstrate. The mid wall resting bracket is rounded and ideal for this type of set up. Watermark & WELS approved.

New outlet design (March 2019) has a non return valve inserted into it.

WELS & Watermark Approved

WELS approved, 3 star rating that uses the standard of 8 litres of water per minute.

Medium Spray

Distributes a medium water pattern spray that is neither too narrow or too wide.

Suits All Users

Comes with a straight hand showering piece that suits all users.

Rubber Nozzles

The shower head has fine rubber nozzles that can be agitated to release any calcium build up that can occur over time.

Wider Flange Plate

This outlet has a wider flange plate of 70mm that assists in covering up any imperfections that exist behind existing flanges.

Simple Slip

The wall bracket is a rounded design which the hose simply slips into. No need to locate holes or pins, making it easier for carers and wheelchair bound clients to rest the unit.


2 metre flexible hose as standard. The hose is double wound design with a conical hose end, surpasses regulatory tests and is super reliable. Resists internal cracking, fatigue and failure.

Any Situation

Has a solid water outlet bracket that has an adjustable shower holder built into its body. The shower holder can be easily adjusted to suit any situation.


The internal thread of the bracket has six threads and this assists in giving a more secure contact between the external & internal threads when connecting to the wall. It also assists in stopping the water dribbling from the bracket back to the water pipe outlet, thus dramatically reducing the chance of unseen water damage behind the wall.