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Ritefit Rails



Having had much success and positive feedback from the Lencare horizontal ramp rail series, the need to take the next step into a vertical element of rails has culminated into the Lencare RiteFit rail system.

Throughout the process, the overriding need of keeping the whole range versatile and flexible was paramount. Using the required elements of the horizontal range, adding a vertical aspect, blending in new products then finally using selected modular parts, this new system is complete and now ready for use.

This allows the installer to take all products to site to assemble. There is no welding required. The cornerstone of the series is the multi purpose adaptor, which fits into the vertical and horizontal rail and accepts the corresponding horizontal accessory, enabling the two planes to come together as a finished product. Then by manufacturing other products of the horizontal series into a 38mm version, as well as selecting missing pieces and often used modular products, the finished item will cater for a wide selection of step and rail situations. The 38mm aspect will provide that added stability, especially for vertical installations.

All components are made of 304 grade stainless steel. The finish is brushed stainless steel. The selection of products includes lengths of tubing, hook ends, vertical rails, including one with locating pins for core drilled installations, knuckle joints to achieve subtle angles, mid positioning rail and brackets, 90 degree bends, wall brackets, straight ends, joining pieces and as mentioned prior, the multi purpose and horizontal rail adaptors. The addition of minor spare parts adds to the major items, products like end caps, saddle brackets and dress rings that cover the joins only adds to the versatility and style of the range.

Note: Like any 304 stainless steel products, it is not impervious to harsh environmental beachside conditions and some degree of end user maintenance may be required. It is strongly recommended that you pass this same information to your clients at the point of sale.

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Welding ProcessWeld in the factory, damage your back and lungs as you weld the rail.No welding involved, assemble your rails with parts made to go together.
Joins in Horizontal RailWorrying about unsightly joins in the continual horizontal rail.Tubing swaged on one end, allowing easy joining and a dress ring that can cover any poor cuts or scorch marks.
Flanges & HolesDrilling additional holes in flanges.6mm thick stainless steel flanges with 6 x 10.5mm pre-drilled symmetrical holes. Choose how many to use and where.
Connection to Vertical LegUsing weather-susceptible nuts and bolts to hold the horizontal rail to the vertical leg.Using vertical and horizontal adaptors in unison for a simple, linear and professional appearance.
Rail Edges & JoiningFiling rail edges to achieve a smooth, sharp-free join when butting a rail to a connecting piece.No filing to be done, as either collars or dress rings hide any cuts, scorch marks, or inconsistencies.
Access to Necessary Parts (elbow ends, bends, joiners, etc.)Not having access to all necessary parts like elbow ends, bends, bends with lead ins, joiners, saddle brackets.A range of parts to cover nearly any scenario a typical rail install would require.
Customer Satisfaction with AppearanceHouse proud clients underwhelmed with the look of a galvanised rail at their house.A beaming client ecstatic with the look of their new streamlined stainless steel rail.






Vertical Legs

The range has four size legs – a standard 820mm, a 1000mm, a 1500mm and a 1300mm leg with offset horizontal pins for core drilled situations. The standard 820mm leg is made to that height to try and minimise cutting on site. Once the dimensions of the adaptor and the tube are added, the overall height of the leg will be around 920mm.

A new addition is an offset leg. The vertical leg is positioned on the edge of the fixing plate, allowing it to be positioned closer to a path or any other similar fixing where that additional closeness may be required. Due to the positioning of the leg, there are 5 fixing holes on this model. Supplied with an offset cover flange. Available lengths include 820mm, 1000mm & 1500mm.

The vertical leg made for core drilling does not come with a flange or flange cover. Once concreted into position however, spare flange covers can be purchased to finish off the job.

Leg Support Outrigger

This brace is fitted on to the vertical leg and can provide a stabilising effect to the vertical post.

The vertical post passes through the outrigger and is then secured to the ground by its 75mm diameter covered flange.   The height of the outrigger is 600mm, this is to provide less movement on the vertical post. Additionally, a higher positioned brace is more noticeable to any occupant who may require extra support and will be less of a tripping hazard in those and other situations. A 4mm grub screw will tighten the outrigger to the post by tightening with the supplied hex key.



Multi Purpose Adaptors

This product is the focal point of the range. Its title implies its role – a multi purpose adaptor. It gives the appearance of a half knuckle joint, and the top of the product has a slot down the centre, with a locating bolt. That locating bolt engages the appropriate connection to the lug of the product that it is being attached to, whether that lug belongs to a horizontal rail or a bracket. The bottom of the piece works along the lines of the “gooseneck” principle that is part of the system’s knuckle joint. Tighten the bottom half by using the in-built centre screw. The body has an in-built collar to cover any cut, whether fitting to a vertical or horizontal aspect. The top of the product also has a tightening screw that engages into the lug of the product it is being fitted to – whether the horizontal adaptor, horizontal plate, horizontal insert, architrave wall plate or mid rail series of products. Multi purpose indeed.

As an alternative to the standard multi purpose adaptor, this fastener fix or glue in model is different in its fixing aspect only. The MPA-VLI-38 doesn’t have the patented split design securing of the standard model. Instead it has a solid piece the leg or tubing will slip on to. The leg or the tubing needs to be adhered or riveted to the locating end to secure it in place – very important! There is a built in collar to cover any unsightly cuts or marks. It secures in the same way its counterpart MPA-38 does, with a locating screw engaging the lug on the top of a leg or an architrave bracket or to the lug of a mid rail adaptor.

Horizontal Rail Adaptors

Made for a 38mm diameter tube, this product allows the tube to pass through it and is held in place by two grub screws on either side of the underneath fixing lug. It then connects to the open slot section in the top of the multi purpose adaptor and is held in place by a tightened MPA-38 locating screw. It has bevelled edges on each side, allowing a smooth hand transition over the rail. A spare grub screw and a hex key are supplied as standard with this item.



38mm Tubing

There are two models of tubing to select from. One being just plain tubing, the other being swaged tube. The plain tubing is in lengths of 1000mm, 1500mm, 1900mm and 2900mm. The swaged tubing is crimped on one end, enabling it to be linked into an open ended tube, ideal when creating longer expanses of continual railing.
Swaged lengths sold in lengths of 1000mm, 1900mm & 2900mm. For the swaged tubing, a dress ring is supplied to cover any cut or joining piece. This makes it safer for the end user, as well as enhancing the appearance of the rail.



38mm Hook Ends

Designed to go at the end of a stair rail or ramp, this decorative and practical 180 degree hook comes in three lengths of 300mm, 600mm and 1900mm. It is swaged at one end and one dress ring is supplied with each size.

Styled Hook Ends

This hook end is more boutique, has a neat 90 degree turn with a built in dress ring and is a one piece unit that includes a seamless stainless steel end cap as part of the product. Can be purposefully used for internal or external applications.



Many installs require a mid-rail element and our RiteFit Rail series has the rail and components to make this happen. By using the multi purpose adaptor into the tubing and connecting to the corresponding mid rail bracket, all scenarios can be achieved.

All three mid rail adaptors are supplied with two grub screw locating fasteners. In most installs, they can away from view of the finished rail. Although these grub screws are a convenient and secure option, consideration needs to be given to the overall strength of that fixing, particularly if individuals may climb on to those mid rails. In that case, it is recommended that a rivet or screw fastening be an alternative fixing option.

There are three mid rail bracket selections. A single ended bracket which can go on one side of a vertical post.

A double ended bracket which has a fitting on either side of the vertical post to allow a seamless continuation of the mid rail.

Finally, a right angled bracket that will allow the installer to turn a mid-rail in a 90 degree direction.



Constructed on the same principles as the 32mm version but in a 38mm size. One notable difference is the more streamlined design in the centre of the product, allowing a smoother travel of the hand across the body of the product. It still allows the installer to pick up angles up to 111 degrees whilst offering a less bulky appearance. It still has the “gooseneck” operational features and is tightened by an allen key once the desired angle has been found. It also has a built in collar to cover the cut of the tubing and keep a smooth hand transition, particularly helpful for elderly users.

As an alternative to the standard knuckle joint, this model is different in design, operation and fixing. The AJP-38 doesn’t have the patented securing design of the standard model. Instead it has a one piece tube locating end that the tubing will slip on to. The tubing needs to be adhered or riveted to the locating end to secure it in place – very important! The end of the tubing is hidden within the outside body of the joint, again hiding any imperfection due to cutting of the tube. It offers a less bulky look than the standard model if this is an important aesthetical element. There is only one screw to secure the AJP-38 in the centre of the product and that’s done once the desired angle is achieved. The new feature of this product is it’s range of movement, being able to achieve angles between 90-180 degrees.



Straight Ends

A straight fixing end in 38mm. Has a 75mm diameter flange and cover plate and it’s swaged end allows a tube to fit straight on to the end. Provided with one dress ring.

Elbow Ends

This flagship product of the 32mm modular range has been adapted to the 38mm series. It’s a standard elbow end but the 38mm model is packed and sold individually rather than in pairs due to it’s more limited need when creating these styles of rails and ramps. Made with a 75mm flange and cover plate, swaged on one end and provided with a dress ring.

There is a second model available that is an extended version. This has been manufactured to allow a rail to comfortable pass a stormwater pipe or guttering that may be attached to the outside of a building. This model is 75mm longer than the standard one, making it 150mm from it’s fixing point.



Rail Support Brackets

This cupped plate bracket works with the multi purpose adaptor and is designed to have a tube placed upon it. It’s designed that way to offer a full 270 degrees of hand clearance. It has two fixing holes on a diagonal axis. The lug on the bottom of the plate engages with the multi purpose adaptor, allowing the installer to pick an appropriate angle of the rail.

Rail Insert Bracket

Similar to the basic design of the ARP-38, but instead of having the lug beneath, this has an insert adaptor that fits inside the vertical leg and is held in place by an appropriate adhesive, rivet or screw. The rail fits on to an adjustable cupped bracket and once the desired angle has been achieved, there is a provision to lock off that angle on the stem of the support bracket by allen key fixing. It has two fixing holes on the diagonal axis.

The initial streamlined model requires the rail to fit flush with the top of the insert adaptor. An alternative product with a tube hiding collar is a recent addition and is available now. The two products remain identical other than that feature.

Architrave Bracket

A stylish fixing bracket that can be used for brick or architrave fixing. Measures 100mm x 40mm with 6mm diameter countersunk screw holes, 80mm centre to centre (screws supplied). Has radiused edges for a trimmed look, that matches in with the curved look of accompanying products throughout the RiteFit range. The bracket engages into the multi purpose adaptor and allows either a straight or an angled connection from the fixing wall.

Under Bracket

A hand rail support bracket made for the RiteFit range. Has a 75mm flange with a flange cover provided, a cupped plate (measures 60mm) with two fixing holes of 4.5mm diameter which are 43mm apart.

There is a second model available that is an extended version. This has been manufactured to allow a rail to comfortable pass a stormwater pipe or guttering that may be attached to the outside of a building. This model is 75mm longer than the standard one, making it 150mm from it’s fixing point.

Through Bracket

This bracket allows a 38mm tube to pass through it and the tube is held into place by tightening the allen key at the underneath front of the bracket. This means no screwing into the rail is required unless you choose to do so. The edges of the through bracket are bevelled to provide a smoother transition of hand movement over the rail.

Saddle Bracket

This U shaped fixing bracket is similar in design to the saddles used throughout the plumbing industry. Made to fit over a 38mm tube. Provided with two stainless steel fixing screws and washers. Made of stainless steel.



Like the 32mm range, this model is 38mm in diameter and has a four degree kinked bend in the middle to allow a transfer passage on a ramp of t1:14. Measures 500mm in length and has a swaged component on each end. Dress rings are supplied to cover any joins in the fitted tube.



Like the 32mm range, this model is 38mm in diameter and has a four degree kinked bend in the middle to allow a transfer passage on a ramp of t1:14. Measures 500mm in length and has a swaged component on each end. Dress rings are supplied to cover any joins in the fitted tube.



There are two models to choose from. The original 90 degree elbow, provided with two dress rings to cover the ends of the cut tube.

The second model is the same angled bend but with a 300mm lead in, which is often used to create distance from the fixing point and is useful when used from an upright position before transitioning to a descending rail. Swaged one end only and provided with one dress ring.



Simple in design, this straight joiner for 38mm tubing has a swage at each end, 120mm of centre tube and is provided with two dress rings.

As an alternative, this more streamlined joining piece only shows one centred dress ring, which is fixed in the middle of the product. The tube edges are positioned beneath that. Each swaged end of the joiner is covered by the tubing.



Made to fit underneath the vertical legs with a flange. It is made with a four degree angle (1:14), allowing it to be the ideal implement to achieve angles required due to the fall of the land. These wedges are also stackable if more than one is required.

If the situation arises that one or two wedges are required beneath the flange, the depth of the 30mm flange cover aids in covering all or nearly all of the stacking beneath.



These covers fit snugly over the 6mm thick x 100mm wide flange that is standard for the vertical legs. Although the covers are provided with the standard model legs, there will be times where additional cover plates are needed, such as, for core drilled fixing legs (where the cover plates are not supplied). Overall height from the ground is 30mm and suits 38mm tubing with a 100mm diameter.

As an optional extra, a selection of shallower cover plates exist job depending. These cover plates are a lower profile and are made to suit both the standard and offset vertical legs. They have a 100mm diameter, 19mm at the highest point and have a gentle sloping design dropping to 10mm at the lowest edge. Available in both the standard or offset hole design.



The addition of these ends to a completed rail cannot be understated. The snug fit into the end of a 38mm tube provides a clean, professional finish. This solid stainless steel plug has a rubber locating, securing ring that can fit inside the tube without adhering. Alternatively, if it’s preferred to glue the end in, that too is an option.



The dress rings in 38mm are sold individually, as well as being supplied with the appropriate product.



This item is a reducing adaptor, built along the same lines
as the HRA-38 but made for a 32mm tube.

The idea comes from installers who want the additional strength of the 38mm system but are using 32mm tubing.

You can utilize the vertical leg of the 38mm system and insert this particular horizontal adaptor if you want to use a 32mm diameter rail. Some end users may not have the hand capacity or strength to utilize a 38mm rail system, situations like those are ideal for this product. Like it’s 38mm counterpart, this product is built exactly the same but the through hole size is reduced to accommodate 32mm tubing. It fits exactly the same way to the multi purpose adaptor as the 38mm model. It too has bevelled edges either side of the product, offering a smooth hand transition. Tightened to the tubing by the grub screw at the underneath front of the product.


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