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    RiteFit Rail Reducing Adaptor

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    This item is a reducing adaptor, built along the same lines as the HRA-38 but made for a 32mm tube. The idea comes from installers who want the additional strength of the 38mm system but are using 32mm tubing. It can be used in 32mm horizontal rail installs, (which has no vertical leg component) where a vertical leg is situationally required for the install but without losing the 32mm rail aspect. Some end users may not have the hand capacity or strength to utilize a 38mm rail system, situations like those are ideal for this product. Like it’s 38mm counterpart, this product is built exactly the same but the through hole size is reduced to accommodate 32mm tubing. It fits exactly the same way to the multi purpose adaptor as the 38mm model. It too has bevelled edges either side of the product, offering a smooth hand transition. Tightened to the tubing by the grub screw at the underneath front of the product. We highly recommend the RiteFit Rails 38mm range be installed by a licenced trade professional. Please contact us for your local trade professional. 
    $24.26 inc. GST
    $24.26 inc. GST