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    RiteFit Rail Adaptors

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    This product is the focal point of the range. Its title implies its role – a multi purpose adaptor. It gives the appearance of a half knuckle joint, and the top of the product has a slot down the centre, with a locating bolt. That locating bolt engages the appropriate connection to the lug of the product that it is being attached to, whether that lug belongs to a horizontal rail or a bracket. The bottom of the piece works along the lines of the “gooseneck” principle that is part of the system’s knuckle joint. Tighten the bottom half by using the in-built centre screw. The body has an in-built collar to cover any cut, whether fitting to a vertical or horizontal aspect. The top of the product also has a tightening screw that engages into the lug of the product it is being fitted to – whether the horizontal adaptor, horizontal plate, horizontal insert, architrave wall plate or mid rail series of products. Multi purpose indeed. As an alternative to the standard multi purpose adaptor, this fastener fix or glue in model is different in its fixing aspect only. The MPA-VLI-38 doesn’t have the patented split design securing of the standard model. Instead it has a solid piece the leg or tubing will slip on to. The leg or the tubing needs to be adhered or riveted to the locating end to secure it in place - very important! There is a built in collar to cover any unsightly cuts or marks. It secures in the same way its counterpart MPA-38 does, with a locating screw engaging the lug on the top of a leg or an architrave bracket or to the lug of a mid rail adaptor. We highly recommend the RiteFit Rails 38mm range be installed by a licenced trade professional. Please contact us for your local trade professional. 
    From: $53.74 inc. GST
    From: $53.74 inc. GST