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    RiteFit Rail Flange Covers

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    These covers fit snugly over the 6mm thick x 100mm wide flange that is standard for the vertical legs. Although the covers are provided with the standard model legs, there will be times where additional cover plates are needed, such as, for core drilled fixing legs (where the cover plates are not supplied). Overall height from the ground is 30mm and suits 38mm tubing with a 100mm diameter. As an optional extra, a selection of shallower cover plates exist job depending. These cover plates are a lower profile and are made to suit both the standard and offset vertical legs. They have a 100mm diameter, 19mm at the highest point and have a gentle sloping design dropping to 10mm at the lowest edge. Available in both the standard or offset hole design. We highly recommend the RiteFit Rails 38mm range be installed by a licenced trade professional. Please contact us for your local trade professional. 
    From: $10.20 inc. GST
    From: $10.20 inc. GST