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    RiteFit Rail Elbow Ends

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    This flagship product of the 32mm modular range has been adapted to the 38mm series. It’s a standard elbow end but the 38mm model is packed and sold individually rather than in pairs due to it’s more limited need when creating these styles of rails and ramps. Made with a 75mm flange and cover plate, swaged on one end and provided with a dress ring.

    There is a second model available that is an extended version. This has been manufactured to allow a rail to comfortable pass a stormwater pipe or guttering that may be attached to the outside of a building. This model is 75mm longer than the standard one, making it 150mm from it’s fixing point.

    We highly recommend the RiteFit Rails 38mm range be installed by a licenced trade professional. Please contact us for your local trade professional. 
    From: $37.06 inc. GST
    From: $37.06 inc. GST