Modular Towel Grab Rail Ends

Modular Towel Grab Rail Ends

Modular Towel Grab Rail Ends

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This idea has been developed by home modification installers to solve a recurring problem that has been frustrating for all concerned.

At times, customers have wanted a towel rail replaced with a grab rail. Although a simple enough request, the whole purpose of the install has been diluted by the fact that the client stays with their old habit and now puts the towel over the grab rail, which has potential risks involved.

Lencare, in conjunction with home modification installers have manufactured a solution, which is to have a towel rail underneath the grab rail. It can be fitted onto either a new or previous install. It can also be fitted to stainless steel or aluminium tube.

Originally these were made as a bracket only to fit underneath rails. But market requests saw the range expand to include a combination top and bottom rail set, which allows for a new installation option and offers an easier fitting alternative to the original bracket.